Make Your Own Yogurt
  1. Slowly heat the milk to 185-195 degrees
  2. Remove from heat, and allow to cool to 100-115 degrees
  3. Whisk in yogurt and make sure it is fully mixed in
  4. Pour into a jar, screw on lid and either: place in dehydrator @ 115 degrees -or- put on top of heating pad and place a large pot up-side down over the top of the jar. Put heating pad on low.
  5. Allow to “cook” for 8-10 hours.
  6. Place in the fridge overnight.
  7. The next morning: Enjoy!!
  8. Or if you like a thicker yogurt: pour into cheesecloth bag and allow to drip for several hours until desired thickness is reached. (Save whey for other recipes!)
Recipe Notes

You can make as much or as little as you want at a time. I personally make a gallon at a time, because we love using yogurt for pretty much all our dairy needs. We use it in place of sour cream, cream cheese, and make frozen yogurt in place of ice cream!